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Airsled Color Edition PDF

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A digital PDF download of the complete 40-page Airsled comic, this time in beautiful full color pages! Now you can admire the weird purple oceans and blue flora of the avian homeworld in all their glory, thanks to the fantastic color work of Kory Bing. This edition features the bonus pages included in previous volumes colored, plus a few new ones!

On a pre-industrial alien planet, a struggling island community must rush out a shipment of lucrative cargo before the coming storm hits. There’s only one vessel fast enough for the job– the airsled, a cargo glider pulled by flying livestock. Overseeing the flight crew is quartermaster Vrazi, who's dragging their shy indentured servant Piawii along for the ride. Will Vrazi acknowledge that they're exploiting Piawii, or will the sled fall to keep their pride aloft?