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Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine (Vol 2 · FLIGHT) Softcover/Poster Bundle

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An idea conceived by Jay Eaton and administered by Fortuna Media's Mia "Hye" Mardikian, Almost Real is an 8.5x11", 60+ page art collection/magazine with entries inspired by the imagination, but rooted in the anatomically and functionally plausible. This zine will be a coherent work as a collection of different speculative biology, as if it were an educational work that also shows off contributors’ artistic and anatomical illustration capabilities with full splash and intro pages for each section of the zine. ARz's second volume places a special emphasis on creatures that are capable of flight- be they alien, possible future-Earths, or lifeforms only the imagination could dream of.

This package gets you the Kickstarter-exclusive "crab eagle" poster included with your copy! At 11x17", this is folded inside your zine for safe travels and allows you the wonders of nature beheld to you as a... crab? Eagle? Crabgle? Crabeagle? Who knows. Don't really want this thing swooping down at you, though.