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Almost Real Zine: Bogwyrm Acrylic Stand and Pin

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This bundle contains both the pin and 3D stand from the Almost Real Volume 3 Kickstarter for a discount!

The 3-peice acrylic stand is 5.5" tall at its highest point, and captures our cover in a different light and moment, complete with multiple-dimension viewing/perspective! Waterproof and able to be admired by terrestrial or aquatic life, join Tango and Swing beholding the Bogwyrm in all her glory.

The pin features the gentle giant from the cover of Almost Real Volume 3: AQUATICS! She is 2 inches at the highest point, complete with screenprinted orange highlights on her tail, eyes, nose, and ears. She's a wonderful wyrm who'll be happy to show you around her swamp, but don't show up uninvited.