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RttS Short Stories: Growth Chart (Softcover)

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This full color, 10.25 by 6.75 inch softcover comic book compiles a bunch of RttS webcomics that had never been printed before, along with some new and exclusive comics and world-building art!

Runaway to the Stars is a hard science fiction universe based on a future less about grand conflict or fantastical adventure, and more about the ordinary (and extraordinary) moments of everyday life with other denizens of the galaxy. This collection of short comics and worldbuilding insights offers a look into the universe of RttS and its stories about communication, accommodation, and daily existence in co-species spaces.

Talita Dospaço was raised from infancy by a strange alien species—humans! Alongside the normal challenges of every childhood journey, she must confront the more literal issues of growing up in a space built for people a tenth her size– all while facing the complex questions of finding her own voice and identity in the space between an alien upbringing, and the echoes of biological heritage.